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Welcome to my (CRJ) blog.   I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in Photography at Falmouth University in the UK. This is my CRJ (Critical Research Journal) beginning  with Module 701: Positions &Practice in the menu on the left. Progress will be chronicled through all the modules until completion of the post graduate degree. These modules do not follow in order, I am busy with Module 702 at present. One year later.

Completed: Module 701: Positions and Practice. This module focuses ways to confidently contextualize my practice in relation to contemporary photography, and identify and articulate research objectives and goals. Module 701 was completed in May 2018.

IN PROGRESS: Module 702: Informing Contexts. This module aims at increased sophistication in understanding how critical contextual theories relate to contemporary visual culture, and inform the making and consumption of my photographic practice. Module 702 begins January 2019.   

Completed: Module 703: Surfaces & Strategies. This module aims at methods and approaches we use to produce our work (the strategies) and the places, spaces and platforms we adopt to put our work out there (the surfaces). Module 703 was completed in September 2018.

Completed: Module 704: Sustainable Prospects. This module aims at obtaining detailed knowledge of the diversity of professional contexts in which photography operates, and the ability to identify professional and cultural clients for the consumption of our practice. Module 704 was completed in December 2018.

My interests are: Art photography, film, painting and printmaking. I have decided to pursue these disciplines (as applicable to my photographic practice) a whole lot further during my stay at Falmouth.  Thus integrating my interests and practice.

My objectives are exhibitions, happenings and teaching.