WEEK 2: Reflections (Coursework)

I work both in film and photography, and have felt that neither discipline has been satisfying for me in it’s own right and could not seem to get to the core of the problem. Now that I am reading and reserching the material, and doing course tasks, it is becoming clear what the problem is, and what I have been encountering, I’ve understood it conceptually, but not practically.

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WEEK 1: Reflections (Coursework)

Question:  What did I find challenging?

Answer:  I felt every minute of my first week challenging. Trying to figure it all out, like starting a blog, I have never done one before, so that is quite the challenge. However,  I feel I finally have a fairly good understanding of it now (referring to form only) Content and structure is a whole other matter! Continue reading WEEK 1: Reflections (Coursework)