Looked at the work of photographer Vineta Cook. She does landscapes that appear to be modifications of real images, by soft focus and/or color manipulation. I like the fact that she has her work selling and has her work displayed on tv shows, commercials and in a lot of commercial settings. I will be looking at the way she markets her work. Can’t say that there is anything particularly insightful into the images itself, other that there is some recognisable    style or pattern to her work. I do like the way that she markets her product.

Femina D2 ©Vineta Cook

Continue reading Week_9_Contextual_Research


Tough this week past. Missed office hrs and meeting with Dr. Gary and  Dr.Stella. Both times to getting times confused with difference between Los Angeles and London. Strange how this happens, but need to figure a way to prevent this from happening again.

Still on Caloric restriction 1500/day average. But did not loose any weight this week?? (Still at 226) Maybe too high empty carbs?  Walked 5-6 miles and did weights 3 X per week. Little disappointed but feel I need to look a little closer at my “eat anything” approach. Maybe 1500 calories of certain foods may not respond in the same way other foods respond. Will test out this week.




Humpty-Dumpty was PUSHED!

Watched an interesting film this week. “Certified Copy” by director Abbas Kiarostami. “A gallery owner living in a Tuscan village who attends a lecture by a British author on authenticity and fakery in art.” This film came up while doing research on art/directing/photography, reality and actuality. The above synopsis is what peaked my interest. Continue reading Week_8_Contextual_Research


As I move along the course, my role is becoming more defined idea wise, and more separated in my practice. I like the idea of being an ‘art-photographer’ always have and a ‘happenings-photographer’ both of which are difficult for their respective reasons. As an art-photographer I like abstracts, but am still having great difficulty envisioning how to do it for my FMP. as a happenings-photographer, I like the idea and have no problems with it, but feel that I would be selling out the reason I started this course and that is to figure out the abstract route. Glad Dr. Gary reminds me that the course is still young and have plenty of time to figure out the exact course of action.

I have a lot of technical experience in photography, particularly motion picture imaging. I have helped many people in my career teaching them what I know or feel that they deserve to know. I’ still old school in that respect,there interest that is shown me the more they get in return. I do not waste my energy or experience on everyone the same way. There has to be a deep interest from anyone wanting to learn for me to give deeply in return.

I have been teaching film classes for the past two years, and always tell my students that teaching is a two way street. You will teach me things and I will teach you things, and by the end of it you will have learned something new and so will I. This has turned out to be true many times. People I encounter have knowledge in different fields, and bits of knowledge gleaned from them has enabled me to do stuff that I normally would not do. One of my students got me investing in a certain part of the market, another one got me interested and investing in cryptocurrency, a few have become new friends. It has also taught me to teach and to reflect on myself in ways that I never did before. Like, treating everyone equally, giving individual attention, helping the ones with learning difficulties to get through it.  It is really a very satisfying line of work. Also it allows me to share my knowledge that I have accumulated of the decades, it’s sort of a release valve in a way, emptying out in order to take new stuff in.

Still thinking about the workshop. I am taking it to a professional/business level and will be doing week-end cinema workshops here in Hollywood and Los Angeles. Working on a website with my new partner, that I met while teaching and filming a movie, called Hollywood Film Production Workshops  www.hfpw.org and hope to launch the site very soon.

As far as the methodology is concerned, I am still going to experiment and implement other photographers methods such as ‘forcing’  the image as well as image ‘appropriation’ and playing with the element of chance,within a framework (HWY138) and being open to see where this leads. Potentially this could lead to an outcome where my FMP becomes a ‘happening’  or ‘abstract’ but as yet have no idea how to formulate it yet.

Below is the poster for the workshop.



This last office with Dr Gary was good as always. Again the discussion on getting out there and ‘making’ work as opposed to thinking about it was the theme. Experiment and try new things, like forcing the camera, forcing the medium, to become involved in playing with it in a creative way. Was nice to be able to link the work of Flusser to my own work, so it’s becoming clear how to apply this stuff to my own practice. I have  a good idea of them separately but now it seems as if I am finding a way to link it to my own practice. Would be analogous of painters copying the old masters at the beginning of their careers in order to improve their technique and a way of practicing the art.

Dr Gary also suggested to attend the seminar of  Laura Nissensen, and glad I did. Had a few questions I had asked her and it seemed to me that she answered it truthfully. One question was was about the difficulty of explaining abstract art. Ans mentioned to read about the process and experiences of others in the field. And if one got stuck to read and go to exhibitions. She also recommended a few books to look at and to read.

This weeks 1500/day calories restriction way of eating, is going well. I lost another 4 lbs. Again not thinking of the end result, but about enjoying the experience that it’s working so since I started 3 weeks ago, I am down 9lbs from week of 7/06 where I started out at 235lbs. This going to be a parallel of my FMP, just to go out there and experience and enjoy the present as I move forward.

Walked 5 to 6 miles. I do a mile walk every evening 5 to 6 times per week. Do bench press 3 times per week; 50lbs 3 sets of 10. may increase more times per week.

Average calories per day around 1500 sometimes a little higher and sometimes a little lower. Noticed on days that I stated out with having ‘Treats’ early in morning or at lunch, where the days that my caloric intake increased, so I compensated the next day or two a little. Better to have snacks later after dinner i.e. apple/fruit, yogurt and candy, seems this way daily caloric intake is less. Strange but do not feel hungry and feel that 1500 perday is very comfortable for me right now. Seeing results are encouraging. Watched a documentary on Fasting and Circadian  rhythms and recommended not to eat late, as this caused weight gain, I have not been eating my dinner too late around 6/7  but do my snacks late, my weight is still going down, so I may keep doing what I do for now.

Thinking how I can tie this into my FMP,  still in incubation period for now maybe it will come to me, but in the meantime moving forward with it. be funny if this became my FMP!



HWY-138 seems a possibility of my final project. I am still wrestling with my abstract image side, but feel that abstraction is more a one-off series of images as opposed to having a series or a story.

I am entertaining the idea to handle the FMP more as a ‘Happening’ than a story telling event. At present I am opposed to story telling through still images as it is too closely related to my career in film, and looking not to go in that direction, as it would be too parallel. I am looking to diverge away from story telling as opposed to converging in on it.


This weeks activities were a little challenging. I had to think about how I was going to execute the ideas I had on my bookshelf. It’s interesting when bares one’s ideas to a crowd or an audience, there are always the responses that one expects to some degree, that one may like or dislike, however there is always someone who will present some information that it ambiguous or abstract enough that opens up one for thought. I did get some good feedback from from pages with the kind of response that I was hoping to illicit, and one that opened me up to some thinking.

The core methodology of my work is evolving, becoming more open, open to discovery, exploring the locations physically, spending time there as opposed to just thinking about it.

Moving forward, I am considering using many different kinds of cameras along the way. I have a varied collection of older digital camera, film camera and polaroids, I like these forms of making images, and toying with the idea of using them more instead of selecting one particular camera.  This however may be a problem with unity. I will go forward and play more with the idea. I went out and did a series of images on one of my old analogue Nikkormat camera. Still have to develop the film and scan it to see what it offers.


Looking for some ideas how to put my FMP together in a logical as well as a creative way and while reading this weeks publication suggestions, I read considerations for publication and watched guest lecture by Victoria Forest.https://falmouthflexible.instructure.com/courses/249/pages/guest-lecture-victoria-forrest-june-18?module_item_id=12753

She is very bright and knowledgeable about design and format. Everything she spoke about made sense. When the opportunity comes my way, I would work with her in a heartbeat. Her video gave me some ideas how to format a publication, but also leads me to believe that I need a way to format my FMP. I will be going out to-morrow to scout the entrance of HWY 138 East to do some preliminary shots.

I also watched the talk by Annie Leibowitz. A few teeny bits of information was gleaned, but not very much.  She is not very good at answering questions, nor is she proficient talking about her craft and practice. I say this because very shortly after talking, she switched to the audience questions. She did not have much confidence answering questions either, to which she alluded a few times. Not my kind of photographer or photography in any way shape of form. There is ‘zero’ connection there with anything she had to say or show.

This week I looked at the work looked of Hans Hofmann Artist/Teacher, I find him to be a very interesting man for a number of reasons. Firstly, he managed to elevate himself from teacher to artist very late in his life after teaching for some twenty years.


His philosophy was: “Experiment, explore and dare.” I like this approach very much, as it leads to discovery by the unexpected, and goes hand in hand with my belief that true art is inspired, and from the outside, and by the help of a transcendental other. So, be it from a muse or by accident, the essence of it is, it from from without. Real art, true art, the real and only new.  All the rest is a copy.

Something still drives me to search deeper, I have had a brush with it, scratched the surface, of the transcendental other, so I know how it feels, and know that it exists on a personal level.  Or, as the old adage goes, it only takes ONE miracle to know that a hundred exist. Once this experience has occurred, compared to appropriation, or building on the past or the back and sweat of others, it is like a sighted person seeing the colour red as opposed to a blind person having the color red explained to them.  The gap or the chasm is so deep, and so wide, that without that experience, that gap can never be crossed.

But for now, it’s going to have to incubate for a while. Even if it means waiting another decade, that’s okay by me. The one who’s name is mentioned here, has cut the path, has set prescience. From this I can deduce that it is possible. He invented is own painting theory of ‘Push and Pull.’ Perspective by colour. That the space is as important, if not more important than the object.  Through line and if one has the ability to “Look” at something the right way, it is possible to see all kinds of form. That may not be apparent to everyone looking at an image.  These theories and practices are very applicable to the photographer.  Learning how to see and how to look is more than just going to a place and looking around, one has got to be able to see the invisible, and make it visible for the enjoyment of the viewer, by transforming  a metaphor into a visual emotion.

Annie Leibowitz https://falmouthflexible.instructure.com/courses/249/pages/presentation-annie-leibowitz?module_item_id=7980

Hans Hofmann. Reference: Amazon.com Hans Hofman: Artist/Teacher, Teacher/Artist.


Had an early morning seminar with Dr. Stella and a few of my co-horts. As usual it was very stimulating seeing the work of others and being able to present my own work in progress. I mentioned that I am attempting to get in touch with Ed Rusha. Dr. Stella said she met him in Santa Monica when she was there at the 18th Street Art Centre as an Artist in Residence.  https://18thstreet.org/about/ He was DJ’ing a gig. So that may be a nice story to tell him.


Ed Ruscha’s – Every Building on Sunset Strip.- 1966                                                                                                    I was very stimulated by this piece, and figured something like it may be very valuable to me for my own project: “Pearblossom Highway (HWY 138) Start to Finish.”  It’s still a working title so I am going to incubate on it for a while. Conceptually it will be a physical and metaphorical journey into the California Desert and out the other side. Hopefully more productive, opened minded, and a little self discovery won’t be out of order either,  My 1500 calorie/day fast is a spiritual preparation for the journey. This is week two

Had a response from Dr. Gary about my CRJ, commented on light text with dark background, not ideal from computer screen. I changed it to light background with darker txt. Looks good. waiting for comment on critical content.

Fast going well. Have a weigh in tomorrow and see how it’s going.  Will set up a report of the process.  Had a good “office” with Dr. Gary this week. Honed in on some of my images for HWY 138. Quite surprised that he was so knowledgeable and perceptive to the information on the image such as the DSC code and the Zoom position.

DSC= DSC Digital Sony Code. The top railway track is the Zoom position. Very strange indeed as this is a very early ‘LEICA’ camera,  the Digilux Zoom made in 1998. Also it was made for Leica by FUJI, using sony parts.

I heard somewhere once that SONY is the ruler of the roost, and in this case it seems to be so, especially if the code, maybe even the chip is a SONY product.

Dr Gary used a strange word. He described the image as “Stinging” in other words it pricked his attention. I found the word odd, but liked it as opposed to the regular old:  “Good, nice  or I N T E R E S T I N G….” (the worst in the bunch) so Stinging was a way of describing it that I particularly liked. I may even appropriate  the use of it my self.

Fast is going well. On week two. Down from 232 to 230 lbs this week.

Graph courtesy of Myfitnesspal.com
Graph courtesy of Myfitnesspal.com

Down 5lbs total since starting two week ago.




For the Landings project,  I am considering using the socialist colony location to have the exhibition. (Llano Del Rio) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Llano_del_Rio It is along Highway 138 close to 165th Street East. I discovered that the location is a historical landmark. http://ohp.parks.ca.gov/ListedResources/Detail/933  So I called the public office and asked about getting an exhibition there. It was suggested that I contact the owner of the property, as it is on private land, and the land owner has the final say.  I am now in the process of locating the owner of the property through the County Recorder’s Office of Los Angeles County.