Week-25-Contextual Research.

When I met Dr.Steph Cosgrove at the beginning of the MA, her advice was READ,READ, READ.  Dr. Wendy advice is RE-READ.  It has been amazing to reference old material from the past. It seems to help with information popping up almost magically as needed when rereading!


The work of Frutiger I found particularly helpful, Although it came up while writing the CRoP, I found parallels in my thinking to his actual work.   This may stem from the fact that he was a theoretician, as well as a practical designer of typeface. He worked from the mechanical era all the way through the digital age and what I like about his work is that the theory and the practical become one The blending of the mental abstract(idea) to the physical object(type block) something I have been trying to attempt with my own photography, and just recently succeeded at.

In Signs and Symbols, Adrian Frutiger positions himself ‘closer’ by (show and tell) He writes. ‘We live in an age when there are many ways of converting what is a thought into visible form’ he goes on to tell and show how it’s done: ‘by placing one-colored ink on white paper.’ 


(Frutiger, 1928,   p. 21.)

Frutiger takes abstract forms (blue ink) and creates a new visible form by through idea of changing their proximity.   Clearly his idea produced a created image with an adumbration of the idea remaining, albeit highly abstract. The problem I encounter here, is that the image  being almost pure abstraction provokes no feelings even if the idea it self, can be regarded as beautiful. As I look at this work, I realize that some pictorial or representational elements in the image needs remain, or be additionally applied, if one is to actually ‘feel’.  Ideas transformed into feeling and beauty are elements that are vital to my reach.



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