This is my Oral Presentation for Module 704

Last week was busy working on my Oral Presentation. This module, I attempted to follow the outline in the brief.  The language is finally starting to make sense and feel comfortable using it.

This in part is due to Dr. Steph Cosgrove, who I met at the F-2-F in Falmouth, who told me to read, and read, and read. And indeed, it is beginning to pay off.

Always feel could have done better, however, this module has been the greatest advance for me in terms of my practice.  I did get all this conceptually, now it turned into a practical manifestation. This is where the biggest change was for me.

This whole year has been a rollercoaster ride without a seatbelt, however, I managed to glean enough information for me to hold on for dear life no matter how bumpy the ride, and I have been through some tight turns and drops.

However, so far so good. Will see what the next module brings. I look forward to it, and hope to fine-tune what I have learned in this one.