Week-14-Contextual Research

This week I attended the following galleries: The TAG gallery on Wilshire and the Steve Turner Gallery on Santa Monica Blvd.

Both Galleries were interesting in thier own respects. The TAG gallery is run by an artists co-op. There is a group or artists, who pool in and  pay for the space that way. Here their work is exhibited and sold, and the prices are very affordable stating at around $400 and up. It was a big change compared to the rest of the galleries where art works start at the $10,000 mark, so the beginner collector/investor would not be able to afford a lot of work at those prices but at $500 to start, it is very affordable. One can become a memeber of the co-op from what I understand, but have to be voted in by the group. Never the less it is possible to get ones own work shown and exhibited in a very nice area along Wilshire Blvd.

Tag Gallery, Beverly Hills Photo by: Pierre Chemaly
Inside TAG gallery. Photo by: Pierre Chemaly

The Gallery exhibits paintings as well as photography, They had an exhibit of Tom Wheeler who has a studio at the gallery. Attending all these galleries has given me good ideas how to possibly exhibit my own work.

Tom Wheeler Studio. TAG Gallery. Photo by: Pierre Chemaly
Photographic work of Tom Wheeler. Photo by: Pierre Chemaly



I received an email from the Von Lintel gallery to attend an opening of Mark Sheinkman.  It was nice to see how the work was presented. The artist, patrons of the arts, dealers, buyers and art lovers attended. As I have to have an opening for my own work, I will attend as many openings as I can, to get acclimated to the scene.

Located in the Bendix Building in the Fashion District of Los Angeles, I was glad to have visited the Bendix with my UCLA contemporary art class, and also went to Von Lintel’s so felt good that I knew a little bit about the gallery.

Bendix Building in bacground, Fashion District Night. Photo by: Pierre Chemaly©


View Downtown Los Angeles from the Bendix Building. Photography by: Pierre Chemaly©

What I like about Marks work is that there is a co-hesiveness to his work, all the paintings can immediately be identified as being by the same artist. He works with very limited materials. This seems to be what happens to most artists in the end, they get to the bones of the work. No fat, no muscle, no frills. Say what can be said as frugally as possible. In my own practice, pairing down has become of my soul focus, hence the abstracting of my photography, which is in fact what abstraction is.  It is a refinemnt of the communication, which happens after decades of tuning.

After leaving Von Lintels, I wondered about the darkened streets with my camera (my old trusty Canon 7D) it was nice to wander alone at night photographing. No people, no noise, just me an my thoughts. Some ideas came to mind for my next series, post MA.


Bauhaus Exhibition at the Getty. Photo by: Pierre Chemaly

Attended the PAC-LA tour of the Getty Research Institute yesterday. An exhibit of articles from the Bauhaus. Since I  am printing my own images and working with materials to frame my images, I enjoy anything to do with Bauhaus. I took my camera with me, and made quite a few new images for my FMP portfolio. I will be taking these images and constructing more works in the coming weeks.

Exercises in form placement. Property of the Getty. Photo by: Pierre Chemaly

I found these types of exercises that were performed by students of the day very interesting. With these simple forms it can be seen that placement in infinite.


One of my fellow classmates in the UCLA Contemporary Art Class, gave me a card of a painter/phtographer who sells his images at Venice Beach. I had mentioned that I was consideraring having my exhibition on the broad walk and she gave me his information.  I gave him a call. He sells watercolurs and photo art on the weekends. He mentioned just to go down there and set up, but be prepared for some annoyances from the vagrants that frequent the beach boardwalk. I will go down to Venice when I do my printing refresher this coming weekend at SMC.