Week-4-Project Development.

This week has been another fruitless week. Still going out and photographing. Once again, having ideas that don’t come to fruition as a idea for a meaningful series. With stress on the word meaningful. A series can be made of anything, “a series of salt grains in my salt shaker, again what would that ‘mean’ ?

Have been experimenting with my Hasselblad 501c, bought a few close up diopters and ordered a 6X9 glass negative holder for my enlarger.

Beseler #8072 glass negative carrier, with anti Newton ring glass. 6X9cm so can hold any negative from 35mm on up to 6×9.


I have been experimenting with some old film that curls very badly and will not remain flat in a regular glassless negative holder. So laded up looking for a negative holder with glass that will press the curled negative flat. However this has problems of it’s own, as it will cause a Moir pattern (Newton rings) on the print, so looked to see if I could find a glass holder that would have anti-newton ring glass in it. I found a few but very expensive around $300 dollars.

I went to trusty old Ebay. Lo and behold, there was one listed starting bid of $200 with reserve. I bid and hit the reserve at $146, and increased it slightly so if anyone else bid I had a margin. Long story short I won the item and now have an anti newton ring glass negative carrier, and will be making some old school analogue printed images shortly.