Week 6 Coursework

This week I presented a paragraph Anna asked for.  What is ‘Fences’  about and what it means to me. I sent it and received a very +ve response, and it will be part of my oral presentation. The part that discusses where I was in the past, and where I am in my practice now!

I have been working on the oral presentation and it has been going well. Seems a lot easier to put together this time around, and Anna gave some good input as what is to be expected in the Oral this module. MLO was very informative and critical, and came out of it once again as I call it my creative therapy session.

Had a good after module conversation with Michael Turner,  fellow co-hort.  I was very impressed by his color abstracts, and the work he is doing. We had a good long creative talk after the MLO and  I discovered how much he saw into the images I presented this week.  For the first time experienced how an intuitive person interprets another’s work, again I look for genuineness when people critique my work and was very impressed by what Michael saw in my images, and patterns that I did not even see my self until pointed out.

I feel that this module is enabling me to stride out in a way that I have had problems with up until this time. In the prior two modules, the problems where brought to my attention (split, undecided as far as my portfolio was concerned) so grateful for that. This enabled me to have a ‘problem’ to solve, and feel that it was a lead up to this module, and glad it got resolved, albeit only in the beginning stages.

This is the first time that I will create (a word I NEVER used before the MA)  a complete ‘series’ of images with an emotional as well as a technical  thread that links them. Gary was always very patient, and constantly said that his was only the second module (MOD_703) to relax, and go photograph and work it out by doing. He knows that I am very ‘heady’ and abstract, that I needed more concrete work and he encouraged me to go shoot images.

Stella brought up the fact that it’s okay to fail, that failure is part of the process, so that helped me through, instead of stopping short, like I did before. Would have an idea, think it was magnificent, and such a genius for thinking about it. However upon waking up the next morning, I would think myself an idiot for thinking up something so stupid and I would quit before I even started. Both Stella and Gary got me over that. Now I do, then think, before it was think then do (or not do) as was most of the time.  So changing my approach helped me get over that fence, in the last module.

My failure piece: real vs illusion, ie real vs mirror, no idea what I was trying to do, or say, did it anyway, felt stupid presenting it and of course good ol’ Gary compounded my insecurities (with +ve outcome) he was honest and I appreciated that, and suggested what I could have done different…better and made me think further out than the immediate place I was while making this.