1-2-1 With Wendy this week.

Information discussed: The themes of the FMP  My is creativity/fences and the road.  My difficulty has been how to integrate these three themes into one in a streamlined and co-hesive way. Today I had a breakthrough with that, and this may be a direct result of finishing my pop up exhibitions.  I came to some interesting realizations yesterday after I had time to reflect on my exhibit, and let the whole experience gel a little bit.

As I have been working on the printing, framing, constructing and exhibiting the images, it has been very challenging and time consuming. However when Dr.Wendy mentioned the road as being symbolic of the journey, I came to realize that its all been a journey. The search for creativity, the problems and fences long the way, and the exhibition allowed me to find the gate, the exit to the cave and the labyrinth. And this was a journey along a road all the time. As I reflect back, I have been on the road since the beginning of the MA, so it has encompassed all or it. Now the new road lies before me where all this information has been synthesized into a new cohesive whole.

Also discussed the choice of my exhibition why I chose the gallery setting. This for me has been the manifestation of my ideas in a public space. My ideas have been locked in books of negative files, and computer files for years and years, and they needed to be printed, exhibited and aired out in public in a space for a period of time. Which is what I did.


Watched the Visiting Artist recording of Caroline Malloy to-day, to find out more how she researches. I was quite surprised to find out that at the beginning she was quite confused but eventually managed to worj her way through it. It seems that a lot of people have diffiuculty with research and how to begin projects, but as it moves along it seems to work it self out.