This week had a 1-2-1 With Dr. Steph. Discussed elements of the FMP. Was advised to ‘Think forward” about the upcoming project and how to think and work in-terms of something that has not happened as yet. By experimenting the work begins to form the concept in terms of practical work. I am working on the project every single day in one form or another, whether its creating/building a new image, making photographs, or planning the gallery or space exhibit.

Dr. Steph recommended that I look at the work Hamish Fulton. ‘the walking artist’ because he uses text with image. This has become very important to me as I feel it’s vital to get the message across, however without being too literal, the audience has to figure part of it out for themselves.

Hamish Fulton:  Fulton, Hamish (2007). Interview with Peter Lodermeyer for Personal Structure (PDF). Time-Space-Existence. p. 181

Hamish Fulton Tate: https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artists/hamish-fulton-1133