I have watched two video’s on David Hockney’s Pearblossom HWY138. The first on youtube. https://youtu.be/sD123svCFHQ  The second was from KCET, but cannot seem to locate it again. From the first video I managed to figure out the exact location where he photographed the collage, and to get some idea how he photographed it. When I got to the location, it was a bit disappointing because it had changed so much. None of the elements David used where there anymore. This motivated me to think of a different way to make an image and came up with the Polyptych of five vertical separate elements, in addition, after remembering Ed Ruschas ‘Every Building on Sunset Strip-1966’

The idea came to mind to explore the entire Pearblossom Highway to see what it offered. Along the way I have discover some very interesting things. The location of and old socialist colony from 1914. very close to Hockney’s location. Maybe a half mile away. That Aldous Huxley lived out there for a brief period, also very close by.

So with a location and a concept, I am considering making a series of images and videos&films along Pearblossom Highway  and title the piece ‘Pearblossom Highway HWY 138 Start to Finish.’ I have a collection of camera both motion and still and am entertaining the idea of making the  series using different formats in motion and still for the project.