Spoke with a good group this week with Dr Gary. Felt like a therapy session. Got to a few things that needed attention. Not to be too hard on myself, which I have a tendency to do. So decided to take the advice and just work on putting together the Oral, Portfolio, and the CRJ. Submitted a few days early this time. Was better prepared editing wise with having all the information organised. Some good reminders from Mick, what we had spoken about at the F2F, getting back to why I am doing this. – to make some changes in the photographic domain, which has become very stagnant I feel. Mainly for myself and the work I see out there. Get over the judgement aspect of it and submit my own work out there for criticism.

Also a reminder from Gem to see if my ideas had changed since we last spoke about the state of my practice,  it has not, though had the temptation to do more representational images, but over-came that by sticking to the abstracts. May broaden the term abstract which will include representation, instead of only images that have nothing representational in them.

Still working on the CRJ as I write. Catching up and get it done today.