This is the beginning of the second module for the FMP. I had my 1-2-1 with Dr. Wendy, which went very well.

Over the break, it seemed as if everything finally gelled and formed into place. I completed my series of images to present to Wendy and  for the FMP exhibit/Assignment PDF. consisting of 16 images. The experimentation period is now done, and the next stage is to begin making the fibre prints for the FMP and my book. The FMP images will be 11x14inches and the book images will be 5x7inches.  These are all going to be done by my on hand, so a lot of work lies ahead. I will also be framing them myself in 11×14 floating frames.

I do have a place to exhibit: At the Hollywood Sculpture Garden and Gallery in the Hollywood Hills, by the kind offer of Dr. Robby Gordon whose sculpture and artwork is exhibited there. I am in the process of getting a book made, so need to get those elements to the binder.

Dr. Wendy made some very good suggestions to improve the presentation. Which I will work on this week. But one I really like very much, is to put the artist statement at the end of the book, and the PDF submission, to let the images and the associated prose work freely as opposed to being set up by the artist statement.   I may use this idea in the same way for the FMP exhibit, by giving the viewers the brochure/statement when they leave, not when they arrive. (just a thought) but do not know if possible or even a good idea. will discuss with Dr. Wendy as well as Dr. Robby.

Just got of the Phone with Dr.Robby of the Hollywood Sculpture Garden abd Galley.  I have set an appointment for next week, to go and discuss the installation. He offered me November the 14th, so it’s not too far away and I will begin working on my presentation prints and fine t uning my presentation at this point.  I feel I have come far enough with the testing of everything as well as the series of 16 images. I may cut them down for the exhibition, I do not know as yet. I forgot to ask Wendy what the minimum is. Less is best, less is lazy, I have not made up which it is yet. But I do want to have a bit of a safety valve.

Wendy suggested I attend the Victoria Forrest talk on October 1st;  as Victoria is very good with book presentaion and may be very helpful in getting my book and the series into a presentable edited form, so I will attend that.

I am still doing my printing re-fresher at Santa Monica College with Ed Mengus, and I will most probably start printing my book images there, and my final images at home in my own dark room. I have three more sessions there on Sundays, and if he offers the class again, I will sign up, that way I have two darkrooms to work out of, plus feedback on the prints if I need any, it is available from fellow printers and of course Ed, who is a wonderful photographer and printer himself.