Just had my 1-2-1 with Dr.Wendy.

Very helpful and guiding as always.

Suggestions included to do this week:

  1. To prepare a pdf and submit an installation plan of my images for my upcoming exhibition.
  2. To submit a selection of my images that are unedited, and in grid form, so that the images can be looked at together. This allows for a quick overview.
  3. To think about pairings. as well as (3,4 and 6) groupings, that I think may work well on specific walls.
  4. Be prepared to discuss possible groupings, and to put these together in a pdf form.
  5. To consider the role of autobiography in my project and how or if  this might be stitched in to the text and any press release etc.

All this information provided by Dr.Wendy will be used this week as  a lodestone to point me in the direction I need to go with the exhibition.


HWY-138 seems a possibility of my final project. I am still wrestling with my abstract image side, but feel that abstraction is more a one-off series of images as opposed to having a series or a story.

I am entertaining the idea to handle the FMP more as a ‘Happening’ than a story telling event. At present I am opposed to story telling through still images as it is too closely related to my career in film, and looking not to go in that direction, as it would be too parallel. I am looking to diverge away from story telling as opposed to converging in on it.