Week 5 Project Development.

This week I have been out photographing. . . a lot. Working on my series for this module. “Fences”  This module has been the eye opener for me, as far as my work goes. Something has clicked, I have had cognitive breakthrough. That linking of feelings and emotions to the work has happened.  It is a key factor, if it’s genuine, and I finally feel it’s genuine. Up until this point, I was faking it,  there was no genuine link between my emotions and my images.

I made a technically ‘good image’ so to speak. I don’t have any problems in that department, I have been doing it long enough. Emotionally though, I was in a vacuum, pushing and fighting particles of air, that wasn’t even there, is the best way I can describe it.

I have been fighting shadows and phantoms my whole life and for once, I feel I can land a punch against something solid, actual. . . concrete. And it’s hurts, but it’s a good hurt, there is a physical connection, I understand the reason for the pain. before it was a fake pain, a phantom . . . not real.

I don’t like to use the word pain, however, my struggle has been has beeb just that, however, out of that pain is emerging a joy that I want, and will celebrate with my series ‘Fences’  it is a metaphor of what has been keeping me in, corralled, quartered creatively.  This description here is a watered down diluted version, and may change over the next years of my life. However, change is a good thing, getting rid of old baggage, ideas, concepts, beliefs, ideologies, methodologies,  and techniques that does not further the cause. As a quote from a travel book I love states: “Pass by that which you do not love!”  I always wondered what that meant exactly?  Here, some 10 years later, I understand it. Here are some images: