The audience is a critical part of an artists work, without them, is a work of art real, does it exist? From the old adage “If a tree falls in the woods, and no-one hears it, does it make a sound?  Personally I think artists need to consider the audience, but specifically what type of audience? For me it’s more of a tribal audience, in the fact that I like to make certain kinds of work, and would like that work to appeal to my tribe. I’m not interested in a global audience. I like to do work, and hope that a certain type of audience will respond to it. I do not make work specifically to attract and audience.

The same applies to a curator. I would look for a curator that appreciates the same ‘Genre’ that I like to work in  that being ‘Abstract and Happenings’ then do work an approach them. If they are successful, selling and exhibiting works, and they have a criticism of my work, I will listen, evaluate, and make a decision based on a bed of logic, reason and intuition. If I come to a conclusion that that are right and changes need to be made, I will consider and base changes on that.

Curators are the gatekeepers, and necessary  to an artist getting their work appreciated and sold in the public realm. I think as an artist, if a problem with the work arises, both sides should air their views and them come to a conclusion based on facts, evidence as well as intuition should be made. A curator is a partner in a way, no two people have exactly the same views, how ever in any working relationship it’s a give and take on both side. My feelings are:  A single person has the power of one person. Two people have the power of four, power is quadrupled with two people working at something.

This week I posted my idea of having my exhibition out in the desert at the site of Llano Del Rio on Pearblossom Highway  HWY 138. I had a single positive feedback. so I am going to go with it. As far as my methodology goes, I have become more open to outcome as opposed to have a very focused view of what I want, this has given me a lot more confidence, not being so worried about a specific outcome, and it is making the process a lot more enjoyable.

Personally, besides abstract, I enjoy happenings. I am considering doing my FMP project as more of a happening that a series of abstract images.  I may incorporate abstraction into the happening, thus satisfying two aspects of my work. Moving forward, I am going to experiment a more in this direction.