Week-3-Contextual Research

This week I attended the webinar with artist Sissel Thastum. Took a look at her works 1.Theta. 2.No You without Mountains, and 3. I Am Here When You Are Here. I found her to be very gracious with her information. I liked the way she combined her still images and her video. Made me think about doing some small video’s of my work as well.

Also looked at the work of from Smash and Grab, gave some good info on photographers that he liked to work with. In particular Can Oba-Smith. So it was nice to be able to refer to a photographer who some-one hires and figure what it is that they like about their work. I really liked Cian’s website. It is very simple in design, easy to navigate and well categorized. All his work is artistic, so it’s easy to see that he is creative. I also looked at his Instagram page, and see that he listed his website under his name, so that anyone can reference it directly from Instagram.

I am new to instagram, so I linked my imdb cinematographer/directors website to my instagram, so hopefully if viewers like my photography it will drive them to my imdb page. http://www.imdb.me/pierrechemaly

Ordered some new reading material on Aaron Siskind. ‘Towards a personal vision.’ and  ‘Road Trip’ (A signed copy) can’t wait to hold it in my hands.  I discovered that he did some work in Corfu, Greece, so can’t wait to see the works.  Last year (2017) I travelled to Corfu, a long time dream from my childhood, after reading ‘My Family and other Animals’ by Gerald Durrell.

The Durrell’s at the Yellow Daffodil Villa, Corfu, 1930’s. Left to right – Margo,Nancy,Larry,Gerry and Louisa. Photo property of: The Daily Mail.
The Yellow Daffodil Villa today. I jumped the fence and made the image. No fence or gate was gonna keep me out. I waited 48 years to see it. The door and steps is the same as the B+W image but the railing is unfortunately gone.

So, always wanted to travel there because of that book. I finally made it there last year, and went to visit the ‘Yellow Daffodil Villa’ where the Durrell’s lived for a while, while on the island.

Waiting in line to pay homage to Saint Spyridon in Corfu.

I also visited St. Spyridon Church in old town Corfu.  Margo, Geralds’ sister kissed the hand of the dead saint on a family visit to the church, and became ill. This is only done once every year, on the feast day of the saint, when the sarcophagus of the saint is opened to pay homage. As fate would have it, on the day I arrived, the sarcophagus was opened in the church and one could to pay homage to the saint.  I remembered what happened to Margo and did not want to become ill, so I put my hand over the hand of the saint and kissed my own.  I guess everyone’s kissing, may have caused a spread of germs. This is what Louisa said, or maybe it was Larry?  Anyway, I remembered that, and took precaution.

I like going to, and photographing places that I have read about, or seen in books or on TV.  Especially of creatives, like writers, poets, painters, photographers and artists. It inspires me, and feel that I attract sparks of inspiration and connection while wandering around.

So, this week I’m going to do some reading, from a signed copy of Arron’s ‘Road Trip,’ which I purchased. (Cannot wait to run my fingers across his signature)

I pay special attention to his work in Corfu, as I have an emotional tie to it, on a creative level, as I do with every place I visit. Each place I go has a very good reason for my going there in the first place.

Towards a personal vision should be a good read.  I think, one’s personal expression is the most important thing to find for any artist, and probably the most difficult.