This being the final week before submitting, I have been looking at the work of some more contemporary photographic artists. I looked at the work of German Painter Gerhardt Richter. He makes the most aesthetically pleasing paintings by applying layers of paint, then scraping the layers off to reveal the colors beneath. I am familiar with his work as well as his photography which in the mid-1980s began painting on his photographs.

Fig.1. Gerhard Richter (1980) Overpainted Photograph

In one of his images: Fig.1 Overpainted photograph, Richter drags enamel paint across an image. When I look at the work, although interesting, feel that it’s some of the old “attempts at being different for different sake.” I wonder now where the concept is anchored?  This is why I appreciate the work of Jeff Wall. His work is anchored in poetry.

Another contemporary photographer whose work I am not familiar with surfaced through research: Alison Rossiter.  She works with very old expired paper, some as early as the 1920s and makes abstract prints. I have recently been experimenting with very old film, as early as 1920, but have not exposed and developed it yet. I am still doing research on older chemicals before I do it. This film from that far back is very expensive ranging between $50 to $150 dollars a roll. So I have to be more experienced with older emulsions because it is very brittle, very curled, major loss of sensitivity and other ‘technical issues’ that need be solved.

Fig.2 Alison Rossiter (2013) Light Work

I have worked with some film from the 1950s and managed to get an image. I do like the look of these old emulsions and will be doing some more work with old film and may also extend this to old photographic paper in the next module for my final major project, as I pursue the messages of the abstract.

This work is very inspiring, but still in the destructive stage. Rossiter, is trying to resurrect something new from the old. The work of Matthew Brandt also surfaced. His work entails destroying a print. Again, in the hopes of resurrecting something from the ashes.



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