Week-20-Contextual Research

Fire Flies by Keith Carter©. Image courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery **

This week I looked at the work of Keith Carter * American photographer. Keith has had many solo shows in many countries around the world. I find his images very attractive, as he ‘manipulates’ the images in the camera. He is known for ‘playing’ with the focus plane, causing some part of the image to be out of focus, which has the quality of drawing attention to that part of the image.

I find that most photographers have a central point to which the eye goes. My work on the other hand is created by in camera double exposures, multiple printing onto paper, and the use of some photoshop. This technique is not new and historically has been used by photographers since the beginning on the mediums invention. I attempt to do most of the work in camera or in the darkroom, but do not discard the advantages of the digital era. Keith said something I found very interesting: “In the history of photography, one process has always replaced another process, and the irony of it is, hardly any of them has dissapeared. There is more interest today, in antequarian processes, than ever before.”

I think that the ubiquitousness of the digital revolution has made the medium more challenging, but feel, this is the best time for art in the medium to emerge, especially with the analogue format which can be used by artists who have a good technical knowledge of the medium.  Keith Carter is one of those artists who uses the medium as an art form, and I find his work very inspiring through his use and dis-use of focus. Carter’s technique, causes one to hold the gaze. This is a very important characteristic of image making –  to hold the viewers attention –

I visit many galleries and museums, and have looked at consumers looking at paintings and photographs. In general people spend a lot more time gazing at paintings than photographs, and there are many reasons for this, one being that paintings are one of a kind.  With Carters work, I spend time expoloring the image and I extend this characteristic to my own work likewise, se uses simplicity, I use complexity in the image making process.  Essentially his work is constructed, not just a Henri Cartier Bresson ‘decisive moment’ Carter spends time with his images, as a painter would with a canvass. I really like this about his work, and in turn, extand it to my own.



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