Had a good 1-2-1 with Dr. Wendy. Everything for my exhibition is set to go. Got into discussion about the structure of my Crop, and the connection of the American Highway and my personal journey as an artist and photographer. I have been giving thought how to tie this in to my practice, and will be looking at the work of other practitioners who have influenced me in my work along the course of the me.

HWY-138 really held my attraction thoughout the MA and by the second module up until my FMP I frequented the HWY many times in search of inspirtion and ideas.  Along the way, Fences took my fancy, initially they were physical. The beauty of the the barbed wire along the highway.

As I began to travel the road more often, I began to notice signs and symbols that began to intrigue me. A beer bottle strapped to a fence with wire, an old boot propped up on a fence post out in the middle of no-where, a california license plate someone had tied to the fence, a bottle of wine in an old tee-shirt. The highways has a way in and a way out. All along the way it is fenced with as many types are there are numbers in a phone book.  They all had a few things in common. Firstly, they can all be seen through, and second, all fences lead to a gate of some nature, where it be a physical one, a place where the fence was cut, holes in fences, or where time had rusted them away. From this aspect, I came to realize that fences are not permanent, one can always see what’s beyond the fence, and that there is a way in and a way out.

Some of the greats who have travelled and lived along that highway are David Hockney, Alfred Hitchcock, and Aldous Huxley. Every time I travel that Hwy, I think of them. The road with its varied terrain  from rolling hills to high desert is a real good time to contemplate life and art. The HWY has a very strnge kind of beauty that is difficult to explain. But the summer heat is really very unique in the California desert.


David Fathi:

His work on Henrietta Lacks really interested me. Because he had an interest in her story for a long time, he wanted to work on a project but did not know how, so he started researching and at the same time started a road trip. Between the hospital and the cemetery where Henrietta Lax passed awaything on. He used the road as a metaphor for a lot of ideas. eg the great distance between the hospital and the cemetery was 400 miles and the same distance between the time that her cells were mortal and immortal, the scientific wonder and the political problem and the ethical problems. I find this very applicable in my own practice and have searched the road for the answers.  The individual is already well researched, a book had been written on her life* so he wanted to find something on her that had not been explored or written about. And wanted to find a way to interact with it in a different way. Exploring the space between mortality and immortality.


*Skloot, R. (2011). Book Club kit. New York: Broadway.