Had a good talk with Dr. Gary this week. Again getting down to the essence of the work and get out there photographing, experimenting with the camera. Went out with my old 35mm Nikkormat and +HP5. Going out to-day again. Need to venture past the entrance to HWY 138.  Symbolic of crossing the threshold. Had a good talk about the passion of the image making process. Asked Dr. Gary if for five million dollars he would put down the camera and never have anything to do with image making process again? Said he’s going to anxiously mull it over. Still having course anxiety, feels like information overload, trying to get it all done in the time allowed and not succeeding.

Had a good 1-2-1 with Jesse. Good conversation, but 20 minutes way too short. Much to my dismay session was not recorded. Spoke about some interesting things and would have liked to revisit the recording. Discussed CRJ and contemporary photographers in context of “new to me” as apposed to new to the scene in present day. Suggested I look at the work of Bromberg and Channarin. Who took a piece of photo paper crumpled and exposed it them developed it into an image.

Course is very anxious ridden for me right now on a creative level as well as on a personal level. Creatively, still struggling with making it all into a co-hesive whole, putting the pieces back together after tearing them apart. Much like a puzzle dropped onto the floor, then having to put it back to-gether again if I can use that as an analogy.

Caloric restriction report: Up to Saturday 8/11

Caloric restriction going very well. Lost three pounds. So I am down 12 lbs since I began around 7/09. Walked 5 miles average this week. Bench Pressed 2X this week. No food cravings, average around 1500cal per day sometimes a little more sometimes less. Very happy with progress, Been 5 weeks so far little more than than 2 lbs per week which is what is recommended.

Charts courtesy of:  www.myfitnesspal.com