Week-9-Project Development.

This week I have been very busy working on my images in Literoom and Photoshop. I have made many images of fences this module, in both 35mm; 6X6, and Digital. Still have quite a few rolls of film to develop and scan, but also have many images that I did at the beginning of the module in film as well as digital to keep me busy on my WIP portfolio.

I attended an opening in Los Angeles this past week at the LACP (Los Angeles Center for Photography) and attended the exhibition of Natalie Seavers “Deconstructing Beauty”  I went to take a look at the exhibition for content, make contacts and to see how her work is framed and exhibited.

Overall the work was okay, not my kind of subject matter. However,  I did like the way the images were framed and presented. Simple clean thin wood frames with a single matte all along a single line at eye height with the series paused with a lager image every now and then. I liked this presentation and something to consider for my FMP.

I did make an inquiry about exhibiting there, and a space can be rented. I will pursue it a little further down the pike. This is very important to see how work is exhibited, as this is the main way I would like my work consumed.



LACP  https://lacphoto.org/category/current-exhibitions/