Read some excerpts from The Edge of Vision. On Gordon Matta Clark’s film that was made, titled “Splitting” and discovered a new word transmorgrifying. The translation of which means roughly: To transform in a surprising or magical manner.  For some reason, I don’t really care for the sound of the word. The translation of itsounds good, but the actual word portrays a very negative feeling for some reason.

Until the beginning of the MA, I always regarded myself a transformer.But have recently come to terms using the word “creating.”  Not in the sense of bringing into being or forming something out of nothing, but have lessened the demands on the word and am now willing to define it as transforming from an idea or a concept into an image or object.  From the abstract into the concrete in terms of image making. Creation is a far more powerful word, and more beautiful sounding as well.


Reference: Rexer,Lyle. The Edge of Vision,The Rise of Abstraction in Photography.