Week-8-Project Development.

This week, I did quite a bit of digital photography (unfortunately no analogue) However, I will return to a few locations that I did photograph and will re-photograph images I liked in digital with my 35mm Nikon, fine tune the images and will do some work in analogue, I plan to use some outdated film from the 1970’s (old Tri-X) to add the element of chance into the work. I have been working with a lot of ‘shadows’ this week, as well as form. These will be part of my image construction for my FMP images which will be layered composites and leitmotifs like black-birds, shadows, stairs, windows, doors, mirrors, fences (mainly of wire) trees, water, and I will construct my images in camera, lightroom and photoshop.

Some images this week:

Light Variations – Photo by: Pierre Chemaly ©
Triangle,Circle,Square. Photo by: Pierre Chemaly ©
Fluid Shadows Photo By: Pierre Chemaly ©
Photo by: Pierre Chemaly ©