This week, I have been very busy working on my images and getting them ready for the CRoP submission. I am attempting to present it as a journey from where I have come, to where I am at present.

Fig. 1 Pierre Chemaly (2019) Joining

An image like the one above Fig.1 is representational and denotes two pieces of barbed wire being joined. Mentally for me it the unification of knowledge and experience that I wanted to show. Now that I am moving on to abstraction, I choose to show it in another way Fig.3  I feel that this image is closer to what I have in mind. I also intertextualised it from Michael Angelo (1510) The Creation of Adam Fig.2

Michael Angelo (1510) The Creation of Adam


Fig.2 Pierre Chmaly (2019) Divine Spark                                                                                          



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