Spoke with a good group this week with Dr Gary. Felt like a therapy session. Got to a few things that needed attention. Not to be too hard on myself, which I have a tendency to do. So decided to take the advice and just work on putting together the Oral, Portfolio, and the CRJ. Submitted a few days early this time. Was better prepared editing wise with having all the information organised. Some good reminders from Mick, what we had spoken about at the F2F, getting back to why I am doing this. – to make some changes in the photographic domain, which has become very stagnant I feel. Mainly for myself and the work I see out there. Get over the judgement aspect of it and submit my own work out there for criticism.

Also a reminder from Gem to see if my ideas had changed since we last spoke about the state of my practice,  it has not, though had the temptation to do more representational images, but over-came that by sticking to the abstracts. May broaden the term abstract which will include representation, instead of only images that have nothing representational in them.

Still working on the CRJ as I write. Catching up and get it done today.



This week has been a little slow going, not photo wise, but course wise, can’t seem to get ahead.  I have had to think deeply about this blog and how to categorise it in a way that it is easily navigable and understandable. I prefer to figure this out through a few questions from tutors as opposed to friends,colleagues and co-horts. The reason being is that I am not looking for other peoples way of doing it, I’m looking for a way to figure it out through self discovery, experimentation and incubation. I really want to improve my understanding and knowledge of this course and learn to be able to express my feelings in words. This translation and transformation is difficult for me. I understand it conceptually, but discovered that I need a framework to give me a better understanding of how to transmute from one form into another.  Stella gave me some valuable advice and I am waiting for Gary’s input.

It seems that I am getting a better understanding of it, and hope that things will improve as the course progresses. I am not going to go back to fix past errors, I would like to be able to look back and see my progression as the course moves along. I had one 1-2-1 tutorial with Stella, I enjoy that kind of communication. Unfortunately there is only going to be a one maybe two more this module. I hope there will be more in the future.

The webinars with Gary are a lot of fun and insightful. I missed one this past week. Need to take more care with the times. That 8-hr difference throws me off. I think I have the times memorised, however, I have been wrong a few times with this. I need more discipline in this arena and need to make a special effort to pay more attention to the times and make sure I get the time difference figured out well before hand.

The course is going well. Have my moments of ups and downs, but I remember a talk with Simon at the F2F and he told me it’s too be expected. Very pleased to have had that chat with an advanced student, because “Simons Said” has become my mantra when I feel I’m at low tide.  I am so pleased I attended the Face to Face (F2F), it has helped me in so many ways. I highly suggest ALL new students make the effort to attend the first one. It has been helpful on so many levels, and has made the program feel much more legitimate, especially as it was held at the Falmouth Campus. A lot of that F2F experience is starting to pay off now in this second module. In particular, having met fellow students, the professors as well as having portfolio reviews (even though I did not have a portfolio, I just put some work together last minute) and many other pieces of advice gleaned from my time there.

I have also decided to have a ‘sub plot’ if you will, to my FMP and that is my weight loss project. I started last week at 235lbs. I am not going on any specific diet, only a caloric consumption of around 1500 calories a day. I’m doing it as a process. . . a journey, with no goal, and commit myself for the same period as the MA course and see what the outcome is a year and a half from now. I am considering doing my FMP in the same way, i.e. as a process.  This week I walked 6 miles and kept around a 1500 calories per day for the week. I have lost 3 LBS.

Calories Consumed for week on daily basis. Courtesy of My Fitness Pal.com
Weight Drop for the week. Courtesy of My Fitness Pal.com