Week 21:

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Week 20:

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Week 15:

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Dumont Dunes:

Charlene Matthews Bindery:

Week 13:

Ralph Eugene Meatyard:

Week 12:

Fahey/Kline Gallery:

Maco Ecomat Drying Press:


Week 11:

Stephen Gill:

* SASTP  Short Attention Span Theatre Patron.

Week 10:

Marc Valesella:

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Week 9:

Hamish Fulton:  Fulton, Hamish (2007). Interview with Peter Lodermeyer for Personal Structure (PDF). Time-Space-Existence. p. 181

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Week 8:


Residency Art Gallery:

George Eliot quote:

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Jan Groth:

Week 7:

Ian Hamilton Finlay.

Concrete Poetry:

Week 6:

The Tree of Life:

Week 5:

Svema Film:

Weeks 1-4:

Here is my PK task for the first week:  v=YGwyXHVcPuU

Weeks 1 thru 4 Coursework

This week I presented my Petcha Kucha and met with Dr. Wendy for my 1-2-1. Feedback is positive. Wendy recommended that I make it personal, which I think is a good idea, because most work is personal, and as to is my aim for the MA to come out with a body of work that is my own, as opposed to working on other peoples projects. I think this will be a good move forward, a kind of practice to wards that aim.  It will test the old adage, practice makes perfect.

Of course this entails opening ones self up, and open to criticism. So this insecurity creeps up, it is yet another “Fence” that needs to be crossed. I paraphrase Gertude Stein who said that as a writer, if one cannot write the truth, why do it?  And, she is correct, however, it’s easy to understand the advice, however, the application of it is a different matter and I find a fence, and resistance, because its difficult and scary.

I have always loved quotes. They are truths that help me get through difficult time.  Cognitively, I get them, however the application of them is a fence I have to cross. This module will be about crossing fences, difficulties, fears and challenges that I have battled my entire life with the subjects of film, photography, and art.

Here is my PK task for the first week: