Week one was a slow week for me MA wise. I was on a film as a Camera-Operator for that whole week. Working 12hrs a day, plus travel, ended up 16 hr days. So could not do any work on the MA that week as far as the activities were concerned. Got to work with Tatum O’Neal (Paper Moon) and Peter Jason (48 Hours) so that was nice.

Tatum O’neal and Peter Jason.
On location, working with the Arri Alexa

Looked at the recording of the Module Leaders Office hour, found the group to be rather upset at the activity for the week, because they found it too easy and being a seven day activity could not fit into the week. I am glad I missed that, and am working on it now in Week-3.

Sometimes I have lagged behind, mainly due to my day job and other work commitments but work extra hard down the road to make and catch up which I am doing now in week three. So far I have photographed 4 days of the 7 and will finish the activity up and post it when done.