Week-4-Contextual Research.

© Masahisa Fukase https://www.michaelhoppengallery.com/exhibitions/127/overview/#/artworks_standalone/10109

This week, I looked at the work of Masahisa Fukase, (suggested by Anna) a Japanese photographer who lived from 1934 to 2012 with a current exhibition in Amsterdam.  Most well known for his work “Ravens”

A copy of the book can be seen here. http://www.mackbooks.co.uk/books/1169-Ravens.html Before looking through the book, I thought it would be all about ravens, or images of ravens. However, to my surprise, there was an image of a naked woman, maybe his wife, and one of the ocean, another of a factory, and still another of a cat. I was quite surprised, to see these other images in the series, but realized that they are images that represent a raven. The cat, may just have eaten one, the factory has a tiny image of a raven in a tree, the light behind his wife in the window looks like a light raven, and a fold in the wave at the ocean casts a shadow of a raven.

I am just presuming here, as I do not have the book, or have done much more research into those images, however, it is nice to have a few images of “indirect” raven images in the series, some of which can be seen, and others imagined.

I find this work to be very interesting, and wonder if my assumptions about his ‘indirect raven’ images is correct.  If it is, great, if not, I can apply it to my own work, in my series. By looking deeper into shadows and light formations, of images that are a symbol, signifier or motif for the subject at hand.

So, the question arises? What gave Masahisa this idea, why did he make a series on ravens? Is this idea unique, or was it appropriated, modified, or based on someone else work? I decided to do a little research on the net, however was not able to find anything related prior to the work of Masahisa.So far it seems the idea and the series is an original..