WEEK 6: Project Development. Point Lobos/Weston Gallery/Wildcat Hill

I went up to Carmel California, to visit the Weston Gallery and to visit Point Lobos. I stopped in at Wildcat Hill and met with Kim Weston to find out if he knows where I could find out about a statement I had heard about Ed Weston back in 1982 when I went to Point Lobos for the first time. I was in Carmel and heard that Weston said, the he could photograph in Point Lobos his whole life. Kim told me that it is in fact written some where, and that Point Lobos was Ed’s “Go to place” plus he had bought that property: “Wild Cat Hill” that was less than a mile away. I also went to the reserve and made a few images.I also dropped in at the gallery so see an original of Pepper 30, but there was not a single original copy to be seen. There where a few images printed by Bret Weston, but no originals. It was nice to visit the gallery, where I had met Ansel back in 1982 at his last retrospective.