This week I finally completed PH39 (Photoshop class) at Santa Monica College. It’s an evening class that I have been attending, so that I am a little more familiar with it and able to use in my FMP.

Photoshop has it’s place, but quite honestly, it’s reached a point where is is impossible to tell real from not real or digital lying, as it is sometimes referred to.

With compositing, warping, liquifying and replacing any part of an image, I feel that that art of photography has made a shift from the photographer to the photo-shopper.

I can already see the work of the photographer changing from a skilled image maker to an ‘anything will do’ person, who’s work can be fixed in post, aka – photoshop.

Maybe it’s the sign of the times, or just my preferred way of practicing, but I prefer making the image in camera with minimal manipulation of the image in post.

I soon learned that digital lying is not new, it had already begun with Ansel Adams, who dodged, burned and manipulated the image except it was called analogue lying, over a half a century ago. Also known as image manipulation, a tamer more acceptable term for what it really is.