Week 21:

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Week 20:

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Week 15:

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Dumont Dunes:

Charlene Matthews Bindery:

Week 13:

Ralph Eugene Meatyard:

Week 12:

Fahey/Kline Gallery:

Maco Ecomat Drying Press:


Week 11:

Stephen Gill:

* SASTP  Short Attention Span Theatre Patron.

Week 10:

Marc Valesella:

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Week 9:

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Week 8:


Residency Art Gallery:

George Eliot quote:

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Week 7:

Ian Hamilton Finlay.

Concrete Poetry:

Week 6:

The Tree of Life:

Week 5:

Svema Film:

Weeks 1-4:

Here is my PK task for the first week:  v=YGwyXHVcPuU

Week-7-Project Development.

Hollywood Sculpture Garden – Pierre Chemaly©

I went  to an art reception in the Hollywood Hills, at the invitation of Dr. Robby Gordon, an artist and sculpture, to his  Hollywood Hills Sculpture Garden, where his work is on exhibit along with other works of art.

Dr.Robby Gordon at desk. – Pierre Chemaly ©

It is in the beautiful Hollywood Hills, overlooking Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles in the distance.

View of Down Town from the Hollywood Sculpture Garden. – Pierre Chemaly ©

Nice to see the fruits reaped from one’s art. The place is an artists dream. There is art everywhere. From the moment one walks into the yard, the front house, to every room in the house including the kitchen, bathrooms and the bedrooms, has works of art exhibited. Even the garage, is a work of art.

The Artist’s Garage. Pierre Chemaly©

There are paintings, sculpture, ceramics and 3D-art on display. While at the art reception, I met a fellow artist from Cal Arts, he offers a small workshop on getting one’s art exhibited, he invited me to join, as he would be able to help me get my work show, so that was a nice connect. Dr. Robby also offered me the opportunity ho have  my FMP exhibit at the gallery, so I will be talking to him more about that. I also met an Artist from Downtown Los Angeles in the Artist Loft district, she makes 30ft high sculptures and paints, she offered to introduce me to the arts district in Downtown, so I will explore that avenue for sure.  Overall, it was very beneficial for me, on many levels, and will persue these avenues, for my current work and for my FMP exhibition.

‘Seize the opportunity’  Artist – Pierre Chemaly ©
‘Escaping the hand of fate.’ Artist – Pierre Chemaly ©

I have been doing a lot of image construction this week, and have made quite a few new images. Using some old images and combined them with new imagery, I am layering.

‘Towards the light.’  Artist -Pierre Chemaly ©

I have made since this module began. It seems if I will be using leitmotifs like trees, stairs, windows, black birds, fence wire, for my image constructions. I am using film and digital images (35mm B+W) (6X6/7) My Canon 7D and 5 D, Lightroom, Photoshop, and my darkroom. My final exhibit will consist of digital as well as analogue images, still deciding whether to introduce color or not, I will see how that goes as the FMP progresses.

I did receive my shipment of Svema 35mm color negative, and will go out and photograph with it this week end.