As the week draws to a close, it has once again been very informative as far as the MLO hours have been. Stressing the importance of  informing my practice and understanding the module in terms of the learning outcomes. So really enjoying the module as it progresses. Webinar was informative with Michelle. Helped me keep on track with the abstracts. I have a tendency to gravitate back to the objective and the representational, but this week I will not sway back in that direction, keep on moving in the direction of the abstract. Paul was also a great help in keeping me on track. I have an appointment with the curator of the Weston Gallery in Carmel with Richard Gadd, was a little concerned how to present my work in progress, Paul suggested to stay with the abstract. Regardless of the outcome, not sell out with the Zone system prints. It will be tough, so I think I will just go up there with my abstract work present it as WIP and let the cards fall where they may.