Week-3-Project Development.

Feb-15:  As this week draws to a close, I feel better about the concept of my project is getting stronger.  I have ideas about crossing the threshold this time. I will be ready to cross over into the abstract in the next module.

Plan on going down to Freestyle Photo in Hollywood to-morrow, However I would like to go and see Hockney’s new exhibition at LA Louver in Venice. I like the way Hockney works between painting and photography.  This is quite a bit of drive time.  Too much distance in one day, so may land up going to Venice on Sunday and pick up some paper at Samy’s Camera in Culver City close by. May also drop into BowHaus Photo on Venice Blvd. to discuss making some negatives from digital files.

As I write this I think Sunday looks like a more productive day. Three birds with one stone, plus a visit to the beach, have a slice of pizza at Abbot Kinney’s Pizza. The best, I’m starving already! Nothing like photography, art, good  pizza plus California beach sunshine.  All in one shot.

Abbot’s Pizza, Venice, CA. Photo Credit: Kellie Fell.

Feb-14: Scanned some images of my fences that I made earlier in the week. This time, I included my shadow in the image. Response was positive on this weeks webinar with Paul. He Liked the fact that I was leaving a footprint in the image.

I feel a little stronger about the series. It is approaching abstract, and feel that by the end of this module, I will be well on the way to doing an abstract FMP, which was my goal at the beginning of the MA.

This weeks lecture and reading on the constructed image has been very beneficial to me, because I am thinking how to construct  the image in order to achieve my “theme” and as well as the use of a physical fence as a motif. This module I will be crossing the fence line metaphorically. The signifier is my shadow. It passes through the barrier with no problem.

Shadows Crossing. ©Pierre Chemaly
Whats behind the patch? © Pierre Chemaly

I can cross the fence line physically with no problem. I have to do it mentally this module, The ‘fence’ being my thoughts:  “the work sucks, it’s worn out, it’s no good.” that’s the difficult barrier to cross. However, there seems to be light at the end of the fence, I have some ideas which I will incorporate into the image, like my shadow, I will also be constructing images and leaving something out. or covered up. Initially this is being done digitally, but will be printing soon and will be able to do it on the prints directly. The idea being that something is’ left out’ of the picture.

Feb-12: I went out yesterday, very early, it was snowing the night before, so I thought I might as well make some images of Fences in the snow. Thought-out this module, I will be making images during the day, night, rain, snow and shine. Hopefully to see how the image mood changes with the time of day as well as with the seasons.

My practice is  leaning heavily towards the abstract this module. I think it will serve my project well. This is what I set out to do at the beginning of the MA, so far its been a mix and match of representation and abstraction.  However, I am not in the mood of making ‘pretty’ images of fences, and by the same token, I don’t want to abstract the fence out of existence. If I can make a comparison of where I would like the series to fall would be looking at the work of the painter Paul Klee. His work is neither representative of completely abstract, it have that perfect balance of using the object / with the abstract.

Whats good so far, is that I am thinking about methods to achieve the position of my practice now, and how to fine tune the work, before I photograph. I am planning to do work in post, both analogue as well as digital, to manipulate the images I am making. As yet have not much time in that department, I am just collecting and organizing my raw and 35mm images at is stage and thinking about a way to do this.

LA Louver/David Hockney:  http://www.lalouver.com/exhibition.cfm?tExhibition_id=1776

Bowhaus Photo:  http://bowhaus.com/index.php4


This week, I will be making a framed looking glass for an idea I have to frame and reflect an image at the some time.

I ordered a  a wooden frame from Amazon, I found it after looking at Home-Depot and Lowes,  both of which were expensive and big and heavy. On Amazon I found a wooden frame, that was light small and inexpensive, that would allow me to walk around with it freely and easily.

Presently looking for a mirror that will either be used as one of the window panes or maybe stuck in the centre of the 4 panes. The idea is to take the frame and mirror and mount it on some kind of stand and take it to various parts of the city, set it up and photograph it and experiment with it to see what kind of images I can obtain by photographing through the window as well as what I will get reflecting back in the mirror.

I will make the device this week and go down to Venice Beach Broadwalk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fhg8tvyJbAo on the week-end, set it up and make images.  I will start off using my digital camera Canon 7D to start and see what kind of imagery I will get. I may also do some film tests and experiments medium format but this will be at a later date.

So the question that I have to ask is, “what will I hope to gain out of this image making process?”  Instead of answering the question or coming to a conclusion abstractly, I am going to take Gary’s advice and actively discover and experiment in the concrete sense, instead of  intellectually. I have some ideas obviously,  however I am going to do the photo-shoot and see what comes up by chance, accident, chaotically and abstractly, and see if I more pleased with the mental or physical outcome of the act. I also would like to see if I can come up with some order, pattern, visual story, theme, post facto, instead of per-facto

Excited for the frame to arrive, and go and make some images.



Window: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FGG3298/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Venice beach image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fhg8tvyJbAo