WEEK 7: Reflection.

This week I have reflected on chance, serendipity and creative restraint. All these ‘techniques’ have been used by myself at one point or another. It is interesting to find out through critical theory that these ‘techniques’ have been used by many other photographers. I would like to add one more. Synchronicity.

In the end, it all boils down to the fact, that every artistic photographer is looking for a way to have their work stand out, or to use a colloquial term: Find their own voice. As the course goes on, I am learning to find a way that is unique from the rest.

Chance may bring a one off, restraint can bring about a series. Synchronicity, is where nature or the universe and the mind come to-gether and will be able to produce a body of work that is more than chance, serendipity or creative restraint.