Week-1-Project Development

I have been giving my final project some thought. I would like to do it at home, around my yard and in my makeshift studio and darkroom. I have always liked the work of certain photographers who work in a very limited area. In particular Edward Weston who worked mainly at Point Lobos, California.

In my early days, I had difficulty with that, as I wondered how one could limit oneself to such a small area. It is something like one square mile. Over the years through looking at his work, listening to other photographers, philosophers and poets, I have gleaned some pretty interesting information that has helped me in my own practice and answering that question or problem I had.

I also like the work of Arron Siskind, mainly because he was able to bridge his practice between representational and abstract imagery.  He said: “If you look very intensely and slowly things will happen that you never dreamed of before.”

This coupled with a line from the  poem ‘Augeries of Innocence’ by William Blake. “To see the World in a grain of sand.” are words I think a lot about, and came to understand Weston through that poem and the quote of Arron Siskind. I think the module my WIP will be images made around my house and yard. I am considering three titles for the work. ‘Yardwork’ ‘Homework’ or ‘Housework’ It’s a play on the words and the work.


Peeling Paint © Aaron Siskind