Week-12-Project Development

I have edited my 18 images. Spent the week thinking about how to get them into a cohesive whole. I think I achieved my goal this module of making a series linked emotionally, that went from idea to series. I went back to the locations a few times to re-photograph, filling holes as needed to complete the series.

The series is far from perfect, however I am glad I managed to complete it, and had no difficulty coming up with ideas and images to fill the required 18 images. I looked at them for a long time and handled it like a script: Beginning middle and end, including an initiating incident, a crisis point and a denouement. It would fall under the genre of comedy. (things work out in the end) or as Woody Allen so aptly put it:  “Comedy is tragedy + time!”

Quite proud of myself as I refused to do this as a photographer. However, when it became my own story, it changed. I was always writing some-one else story down, and most of the time it was very boring and I developed an adversity to it. This module cured me of that.

Received a last minute email from Krishna with critique on the series which I found helpful as well as from Jesse, points were well taken, however, I think I will take the information into consideration for the next module and use it to improve the series next time around. I am just glad I got through with a series this time instead of half a series like the module before (which was an improvement on the first module) where I had a split series. Krishna mentioned a few images where un interesting, I agree, but as a story progression I think they are needed, also this late in the game I feel I will also apply the information to the next module.  She did send me something interesting on a photographer who also did a series on fences (or course there would be someone else) I did look at his work, and I liked it very much.  Much more simple in concept than mine, but felt he may have a point:  sometimes simple is best, and will look at lightening up a bit in that regard myself.