As I move along the course, my role is becoming more defined idea wise, and more separated in my practice. I like the idea of being an ‘art-photographer’ always have and a ‘happenings-photographer’ both of which are difficult for their respective reasons. As an art-photographer I like abstracts, but am still having great difficulty envisioning how to do it for my FMP. as a happenings-photographer, I like the idea and have no problems with it, but feel that I would be selling out the reason I started this course and that is to figure out the abstract route. Glad Dr. Gary reminds me that the course is still young and have plenty of time to figure out the exact course of action.

I have a lot of technical experience in photography, particularly motion picture imaging. I have helped many people in my career teaching them what I know or feel that they deserve to know. I’ still old school in that respect,there interest that is shown me the more they get in return. I do not waste my energy or experience on everyone the same way. There has to be a deep interest from anyone wanting to learn for me to give deeply in return.

I have been teaching film classes for the past two years, and always tell my students that teaching is a two way street. You will teach me things and I will teach you things, and by the end of it you will have learned something new and so will I. This has turned out to be true many times. People I encounter have knowledge in different fields, and bits of knowledge gleaned from them has enabled me to do stuff that I normally would not do. One of my students got me investing in a certain part of the market, another one got me interested and investing in cryptocurrency, a few have become new friends. It has also taught me to teach and to reflect on myself in ways that I never did before. Like, treating everyone equally, giving individual attention, helping the ones with learning difficulties to get through it.  It is really a very satisfying line of work. Also it allows me to share my knowledge that I have accumulated of the decades, it’s sort of a release valve in a way, emptying out in order to take new stuff in.

Still thinking about the workshop. I am taking it to a professional/business level and will be doing week-end cinema workshops here in Hollywood and Los Angeles. Working on a website with my new partner, that I met while teaching and filming a movie, called Hollywood Film Production Workshops  www.hfpw.org and hope to launch the site very soon.

As far as the methodology is concerned, I am still going to experiment and implement other photographers methods such as ‘forcing’  the image as well as image ‘appropriation’ and playing with the element of chance,within a framework (HWY138) and being open to see where this leads. Potentially this could lead to an outcome where my FMP becomes a ‘happening’  or ‘abstract’ but as yet have no idea how to formulate it yet.

Below is the poster for the workshop.