WEEK 1: Webinar (Coursework)


The webinar was fun, good getting to meet fellow students online, and put a face and voice to the name. Discussing images with Gary and fellow artists on the webinar was amazing, always nice to have the opportunity to see and hear how others think and work.

I made a total of five images, I was inspired to create them by Gem’s re-make of ‘Portrait of space‘  Gem’s re-make reminded me that every image must be creatively created. Thank you for that.  I also have a soft spot for Lee Miller. A genius photographer in her own rite. She was a student and muse of one of my favourite artists: Man Ray.  If Man did not have a muse, he would have been a no-body!

In my photo gallery, I show the phone of yester-year and the phone of today. The phone of 1940, one could only hear. Today one can see, hear, photograph and manipulate in many ways. All with the iPhone or similar.  Can you tell the photo of the phone, from photo of the phone on the iPhone? (images #4 and #5)


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