WEEK 1: The view from my window [Coursework]

Objective: A photograph showing the view from my window.

Even though no labor was required, I put some thought into it. I decided to do a double exposure to do something a little more than just shoot a strait shot. If I had just shot it strait, I would have wished I did a something a little more creative. Now that I made it a little more creative, I feel I should have made a clean image.  The story of my life, I can only seem to see both sides of the coin once something is done.

This also falls under the category ‘windows of the world’ in presentation 2 how we see the world through the frame of the window. So what we see is limited. Photography is a frame within a frame. I guess we can choose what we image. I have windows at my house where the view is beautiful, and views out of my kitchen windows that is not. I chose to show a ‘beautiful’ view albeit still obscured in someway by double exposure and the screen and the trees etc., and there may also be a dim reflection of myself in the window, even though I cannot see it. This deals with the window being both see through and reflective, looking out and within.

Question:  Should I not have be-laboured it? Does this ‘Double’ exposure represent my dilemma? Does the reflection, albeit ‘invisible’ show something?

My Answer:  I think there is something more to it when one is asked to follow procedure. But this is only half the answer. Duality seems to be in every phase of life. Night/Day, Hot/Cold, Sweet/Bitter. Also there is two sides to every coin(actually there is three – the edge-) It ultimatimately boils down to choice in everything we do, hopefully. And to head towards the +ve pole even in a -ve situation.

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