Weeks 1 thru 4 Project Development

While on vacation, I decided to go a visit a few Galleries in Johannesburg a long time friend of mine who was a music producer arranged a few meetings at Everard Read/Circa; Gallery Lizamore,  No-End Art Space, and MOMO all in the Johannesburg arts districts of Linden and Parkwood.

Everard Reed/Circa Gallery. Johannesburg.
MOMO Gallery; Johannesburg

I was surprised, [but not really] to hear that the “Photomarket” is difficult at this moment in time. It does not surprise me as these institutions are primarily a for profit  market based enterprise, it is important that works sell, and that there is a market for it.  I do not want to get caught up on paying for a space. This happens to so many students, and myself included in my BFA years, only to be let down in the end. I am really trying to get a show where I do not have to pay for the space, because this way the gallery shows some form of interest or feels that there may be an opportunity to sell some works.

Lorraine Hurdus/Circa

So Lorraine and myself approached the curators, I did prepare a portfolio, business cards and information about myself. I got no interest at Lizamore, however the curator was interested in my abstract piece more than she was interested in my FMP series: “Fences”  At Everard Reed/Circa, I did get some interest, and the possibility of getting a show on their top floor of the gallery, and the same with No-End Art space, which is a small space in a nice art district that curates independent shows.

The Gallery is very small, even so they are all booked up through next year, I will send a proposal, and the Gallery curator said: “Sometimes things Change.”

I did attempt to con-tact those curators upon my return back to Los Angeles and I am still awaiting a reply.  Not that I expected anything better, one always hopes for that miracle email, but as yet it has not happened. It is close to the end of the year and these spaces are booked up to two years ahead, so I need to figure a way to get in to a space to exhibit my work.

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