Professional Location of Practice:

My interest lies in the area of galleries and museums primarily.  My background is in cinema, and basically photography might be an extension of my current profession in one way or another, where the work is made then exhibited in the theatre or on TV/Cable/Online.

The main difference between the two mediums is that film is a very crew and cast dependent medium. A film cannot be made on your own, unless an art film. This is the reason I am becoming more attracted to the photographic medium because it there is a direct relationship between myself and the camera. Working in this way is far more enjoyable for me than having to rely on a crew when anything needs to be done.

Also, the public arena for exhibiting films seems to be on the decline, cinemas are closing at a rapid rate, as the consumer watches more and more content on the computer and home video systems. With the gallery and the museum circuit the exhibition spaces are on the rise, with new buildings being constructed older museums like LACMA, is soon going to be completely rebuilt. The new SFMOMA id a very popular museum visited my many individuals throughout the year.

I like public showing of my work, and think that the museum and gallery circuit will have a much longer survival rate than the cinema. I have to take this into consideration. Plus, photography is more of a personal art-form like writing and painting. I do not need anyone besides myself to make art.

Man Ray says it best: “Inwardly, I resented the idea of doing any work, even with only one other person. In the pursuit of pleasure, I was willing to collaborate with one other person.”

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