Week-10-Project Development.

This week I have been photographing quite a bit on 35mm black and white film, with my trusty old Nikon F with HP5+.

‘Perspective’ A diptych ©Pierre Chemaly 

I have been revisiting locations that I liked, going back to re-photograph my work in progress, after I had some time to reflect on the images I had already made before. It is really nice to able to do this. I have found this to be  a very advantageous way of working. It’s ” decisive over a period of days” as opposed to a  “decisive moment.”  In the decisive moment, one can loose an image, which has happened to me in the past, by not having a camera at the moment, or running out of film. However by working this way, I have been able to go back and rework the image. Improving it by making it at a different time of day, weather conditions, using  a different camera and lens, etc. It all affected the image, producing a number of different emotions and looks.

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