Had a GREAT 1-2-1 with Dr.Wendy.  She has a great way to reel me in when I go out on a tangent. She brings me back in focus on:  Work! on the FMP and how to do the best work possible for the exhibition.

Areas to focus on are:

  1. To keep my CRJ up to date. She mentioned that I was doing that, as evidenced by her looking at it in our 1-2-1 and seeing my entries.
  2. To included ongoing research, written and visual, on my work and on other practitioners.
  3. To make work this next two weeks for a show and tell on next meeting.
  4. Present a PDF in our next meeting, both images and writing and text, Wendy wants to see the text of the images.

The concept behind the PDF is to start sequencing the work, and to Riff on images.

Wendy introduced me to the work of Stephen Gill, I ordered his book and looked at his website, I like the way he groups his projects onto one page, then they expand out into the gallery.  Simple, clean website, just the way I like it.

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