This week watched interview with Felicity McCabe. Always interesting to find out how some-one else starts in the business, and where they came from. In her case started out with nightclub photography.

Interesting to see companies that attempt to do creative commercial work, was quite impressed with Head Over Heals and what they did creatively, shows there are people out there who want creative images, would be nice to find a company like that.

Started as an assistant, very good way to begin when interested in the commercial market. Also built her own portfolio of work that she liked to do, and practicing on weekends.

I think she went about it in a very good way, built up from a simple beginning. Also how she eventually focussed on photography. I think a lot of photographers battle with photography as a true art form and get enamored with painters and photography, and it can be a battle. The advice of the teacher to give up painting ended that for her, so made it a lot less difficult. Even the greats like Arron Siskind, liked painting and did a lot of homages to Franz Klein. I am glad that I came back to photography this module, because I love painting as well, not to actually paint, but love the medium, so I watch a lot of documentaries about painters.

Interesting how she baked the rose and came up with the idea. She had a lot of good ideas about tryptics (band shot)  and associations People+Landscape or something they associated with. I like the way she uses painters of Diptych and Triptychs to fuel her own projects. Nice to see when metier cross pollinate and come out with a new hybrid.

(The Wilton Diptychs)


Wilton Diptych:  https://www.history.ac.uk/richardII/wilton.html

Felicity McCabe: Triptych https://www.felicitymccabe.com/c-o-m-m-i-s-s-i-o-n-s



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