Week-11-Project Development.

This week, I returned to the locations where I photographed before, to fine-tune the images of my series ‘FENCES’ I shot another two rolls of Ilford HP5+; ¬†400ASA Black and White negative. Developed in my trusty old standard Kodak Developer D-76.

Managed to get quite a few images of Black Birds. After seeing Fukase’s Ravens series I have been quite enamored by them, and have incorporated a few into my series. Interesting to see how they blend into the story very naturally. For me they represent freedom. I will doing some more work with them in the next module.

I feel that my series on ‘Fences’ is cohesive enough. I have finally managed to make a complete series this module, with a linked theme and motif. I feel this module has brought all the scattered elements of my practice to a co-hesive whole and will be able from now, to be able to create series which will have emotional ties as opposed to technical ties like the ones I was doing in the past.

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