WEEK 2: ‘Other Than’ Photography (Coursework)

This is about a piece of work, other than work done by a photographer that relates to my practice as a photographer. I chose the cut-outs and painting of Henri Matisse.

This is a work by Henri Matisse known for his painting and paper cut-outs. Towards the end of his life he became ill and was bed ridden. This did not stop him from working. With the help of an assistant (muse) he made these cut-outs from colored paper, glued or pasted them on a colored or plain background and they became known as his cut-outs.

I like more than just ‘capturing’ something beautiful, I like ‘creating’ something beautiful, a dilemma I have been dealing with for a while as a photographer. I have been stuck in film and photography for a long time, though creative, I feel both mediums are too two dimensional for me.

I have an affinity for painting cut-outs and sculpture, as I find them very creative. Hence my love for the work of Matisse. (And a few others for sure, Malevich,Kandinsky,Rothko,Cesar) ranging from abstract to non objective. Painting presented more answers for me, when I hit a blank with photography.

At present I am in the  early research mode of my final major project. I like photography and painting, abstract and non objective images in particular, so I have been working on blending the two disciplines (and may up blending more) and making photographs that is starting to give me some sort satisfaction ‘creatively’

I chose this image because I love the simplicity of it, also the complexity of the artist behind the work. He is such an amazing individual on many, many, levels. A great inspiration for me spiritually and also in my work.

Below is the work of Matisse, and below that, a photograph of mine.


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