Week-20-Project Development

This week has been a heavy dark room week once again. I have made most of the prints and running into a problem with the mounting of the images. They are floating and the frames arrived, but all the back boards are convex and bend towards the glass, so I have to replace them all.

I went ot pick up the museum glass, and much to my dimay the glass is very delicate and the slightest rub and the glass is irreparably scratched, and I have scratched a few already, so they  will have to be replaced

The floating of the images is proving to be a real challenge, as the fibre base prints do not dry uniformly, so the standard way to float the images is not working, as the floating mechanism affects the way the image curls and sometimes the images curl backwards towards the backer board, adn other times it curls forward to the glass. I have been experimenting with my prints and I have ruined many of them, so I had to go down to Los Angeles and buy some more Ilford paper and will have to reprint many images. Once the mounting tape is placed on the back of the image it is permanent, and removing it damages the paper. There is a special release agent, but it smells aweful and contains carbon tetrachloride, so I do not like working with it.

This week I will reprint the damaged images. These take a long time to process  wash and dry, but it has to be done. I will go down to Santa Monica College, they have a big dry mounting press there, and I will attempt to flatten the images over there. I do have a big drum dryer but it puts a very deep bow in the print and when they float causes the edges to curl too much for my liking. This is something I have to resolve quickly as this week I have to get the images mounted.


My exhibition is officially listed on November the 14th at the Hollywood Sculpture Garden. Dr Gordon said that he may extend it until the 17th instead of just the one day, but as yet have not had an official okay on that. My exhibit is on the website and listed under the events. https://www.hollywoodsculpturegarden.com

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