Week-21-Project Development

This week, I have completed all printing and re-printing. I have been battling the excessive curling of the fibre images. I really began to doubt that floating the image was the right way to go. However, I decided to walk through the ghost on this one instead of changing midstream. I have had the idea to float the images, and I will find a way to deal with the image curl, I will not let it make me change my mind. I decided  this is the way to go and will find a way.

It is less than two weeks before my exhibition and I am still fighting the mounting on the images. Two of my large frames 18×22 have not arrived as yet they were suposed to be her Friday last. The supplier did not supply a tacking number, so I do not know where they are. I attempted to call the company yesterday (Monday)  and it goes strait to voicemail. In addition I dropped my cellphone into a half a cup of water I had between my seats in the car and of course it died so had to replace it and attemp to retrieve all my contacts.

I went down to Santa Monica College to use the dry mount press to flatten the prints, but was not happy with the results. So this past week-end I was using my  drier, and tried many different heat temps and drying methods such as adding glycerine to the water as well as a glazing solution and finally I got the level of curl I was happy with. I just thought of Edison searching for the right filament for the lightbulb, he tried every conceivable metal before he came upon tungsten, so  I  tried every temperature, time and wetting agents that I could think of, and eventually my ‘filament’was found. The prints lay with a flatness and curl that I liked. This has been a very long standing problem, and I am glad to say that I found a point where I am satisfied with the look of the image as it is floated. This week I will complete the framing of the images.

It is amzing to experience that way materials fight and resist, I have read about artists experiencing this with their work. I have had to fight for everything, so it’s no news to me, however in this experience, I discovered that even paper has a life, and when it finally gives in to the flattening, it’s what it is happy being not me. My happiness just co-incides what the paper wants, not what I want. The architect Louis Kahn said: ‘Even bricks aspire to be something’ *  So I presume the one at the very top wanted to be there.

Just called the framing company, my frames where not shipped. I tried yesterday to call them the line was busy all day would not accept calls. I managed to get through today, and my order was not placed for the large frames 18×22. My card did not go through. I did not get an em-mail to the effect and discover this today one week before my exhibit. They said will try to ship today, and delivery takes 5 to 7 business days so at the latest I will get it on my exhibition day. No rush service available. This is very disturbing, among losing my phone, one pack of 50 sheets of 11×14 ruined by a small pinhole leak in the bag, stains on my prints and excessive curl,  it has been a very challenging week. I take solace in Sir Edmund Hillary when he was climibing mount Everest, it seemed to be most difficult and challenging when he neared th summit.


* Goodreads.com. (2019). A quote by Louis Kahn. [online] Available at: https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/1460798-even-a-brick-wants-to-be-something-a-brick-wants [Accessed 5 Nov. 2019].


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