Had a good 1-2-1  with Dr. Wendy. Went over a pre CRoP document I sent in. Recommendations was to steer it more in the direction of my own work as opposed to referencing other peoples work. To focus on the Project.  It is amazing to realize, even at this late stage, that remanants of that fence, shadow, and the  doldrums still persists. Breaking away from those old influences and magnetic attraction, even though it has weakened is still near enough to draw one back if not careful and aware. Just because one cannot see it, does not mean that its not lurking somewhere out there! The invisibles always remain.

Wendy mentioned something interesting, that the function of the CRoP is to help break away from those attractions, and that it will take time, and this is still the early stage of development. Is a PhD required next?

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